Keencut Evolution-E2 Cutter Bar


Keencut Evolution-E2 Cutter Bar

The new Keencut Evolution-E2 integrated wide format cutting system has been designed to revolutionise the speed, accuracy and convenience of the finishing process.

Diverse cutting capability

Twin cutting head design accepts two blades at any one time and enables fast and efficient cutting of different materials, thicknesses or cutting direction.

  • Medium duty blade holder
  • Medium duty blade holder
  • Circular textile blade holder
  • Circular textile blade holder
  • Graphik blade holder
  • Graphik blade holder
  • Bi-directional twin blade capability
  • Bi-directional twin blade capability

Available in four practical sizes

Available in five practical sizes, from 1.6 to 3.6 metres, the Evolution-E2 has been created to handle the output of every size and type of roll feed or flatbed printer with the capability to cut materials as diverse as flag, banner, PVC foamboard, foamcore and much much more.

  • 1600mm cutting length
  • 1600mm cutting length
  • 2600mm cutting length
  • 2600mm cutting length
  • 3100mm cutting length
  • 3100mm cutting length
  • 3600mm cutting length
  • 3600 cutting lengths

    Single user operation

    The integral lift and hold mechanism of the new Evolution-E2, operates from either end, enabling a single operator to load and align even the longest print jobs quickly and accurately.

    • Single operator
    • Single operator
    • Integral lift and hold mechanism
    • Integral lift and hold mechanism
    • Integral flip stops
    • Integral flip stops to hold dense material securely


    • We are extremely happy with this table cutter. The 140+ length allows us to trim large banners and wallgraphics with ease when we would normally have to trim them by hand. I wanted to build a giant production table and this cutter was the only one on the market that would accommodate the size I needed. The cutter is extremely easy to use and new shop employees master it within hours of first using it. We chose this product for the length of cut, quality of the product and easy change out from regular duty blades to heavy duty blades. Its built extremely well and has lasted for years without any issues.
    • Peter DiSpiito
    • Blazing Visuals
    • This product allows us to function with greater efficiency. The design of the cutter and its interchangeable blades supply precision cutting for a variety of products. We are very impressed with our Keencut table and cutter. It has enabled us to deliver a clean and accurately cut product to our clients. This table and its abilities has allowed us to enhance our methods, while maintaining and increasing cusotmer satisfaction.
    • Tom Szychowicz
    • Mobile Outreach Solutions


    • Maximum cutting length
      • EV2160 - 1600mm
        EV2260 - 2600mm
        EV2310 - 3100mm
        EV2360 - 3600mm
    • Cutting capability
      • Cast Acylic (score) - up to 6mm thick
        Cast Plexiglass (score) - up to 3mm thick
        Cardboard - up to 13mm thick
        Conservation Board - up to 3.5mm thick
        Corrugated Plastic - up to 13mm thick
        Foam Centered Board - up to 13mm thick
        Mountboard - up to 3.5mm thick
        PVC Foamboard (Forex) - up to 10mm thick
        Magnetic Sheet - up to 1mm thick
        Banner Fabric Textiles (Cold Cut)
        Fabric Textiles (Hot Cut)
        Plastic Film (X-Ray, Light Filters) *
        Window Film (Self Adhesive)
        Paper Pop Up Banner Displays
        Self Adhesive Materials
        Tissue Paper
        Flexo Graphic Plates (straight) - up to 13mm thick

        * optional accessory needed for this application
    • Packaging Dimensions
      • EV2160 - 2110mm x 370mm x 150mm
        EV2260 - 3110mm x 370mm x 150mm
        EV2310 - 3610mm x 370mm x 150mm
        EV2360 - 4110mm x 370mm x 150mm
    • Packaging weight
      • EV2160 - 32kg
        EV2260 - 45kg
        EV2310 - 52kg
        EV2360 - 60kg
    • Included in box
      • Evolution E2 High Precision Cutter Bar/Textile Blade Holder/Vertical Blade Holder/Graphik Blades x 25/Vertical Standard Blade Holder/Media Duty Utility Blades x 100
    • Optional accessories
      • Hot Knife Holder/Extension Kits/Big Bench/Additional Circular Blade Holder/Additional Medium Duty Blade Holder/Additional Grafik Blade Holder
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